Welcome to the Horses, Humans and Healing H3 Program 

Under the direction of Dr. Teresa Cowan-Christen, Horses, Humans & Healing (AKA H3) is committed to an integrative approach to therapy using different modalities which may include Cognitive, Behavioral, Humanistic and Solution Focused approaches.


The Horses, Humans & Healing program utilizes the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) Model for work with horses and humans. THERE IS NO RIDING INVOLVED. All interactions between horses and humans happens on the ground. This allows "real time" feedback for participants. Traditional hippotherapy, which is mostly a medical model was developed by occupational and/or physical therapists and involves riding the horse. Experiencing horses on the ground provides a very different and valuable perspective.


“Goodness of fit” between a therapist and client is very important for good therapeutic outcomes.  Therapy should be tailored to the individual as we all have different strengths and needs.  Sessions at H3 are centered around supporting clients and participants in finding their own solutions to their problems. Integration of mind, body, and spirit in both the development of illness and the solutions toward healing and health are a priority at H3.  Dr. Cowan-Christen and the H3 team provide non-traditional Equine Assisted psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning services for individuals, families and team building activities for various groups utilizing horses an outdoor arena setting at either Lipstick Ranch in Andover, KS and/or FIGMO Farm in Mulvane, KS.   H3 provides services for Individual, Families, Groups and Agencies/Corporations for 10 months a year. 

Horses, Humans and Healing KS - is an official EAGALA Military Services Provider indicating specialized training and experience in the military community to provide EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) with military service members, their families and veterans.  Horses, Humans and Hiealing KS - H3 is owned and operated by Dr. Teresa Cowan-Christen as a program of her Welcome Wellness, LLC private practice in Wichita, Kansas.  Michelle Sell of Andover, Kansas is the Equine Specialist for H3. 

If you are interested in attaining further information please email us at admin@horseshumansandhealingks.com     

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Horses are curious about things, people and other animals in their environment. Many Humans like learning too.
Horses always let you know what they are thinking. Even when they are not amused. LOL
Horses are always thinking about what is happening around them, just like some Humans who are always accessing their environment.
Horses like harmony and having friends, just like most Humans.
Fight, Flee or Freeze
Horses will flee if they sense danger or move if uncomfortable, this is similar to the Human fight or flight response.
Horses like to know their place in their herd so that they know what behaviors to expect and exhibit, kind of like Human's roles in their own families.
Self Expression
Horses like Humans have their own personalities, strengths and areas that may need improvement.
Horses like Humans Enjoy having fun with their family (herd) and friends.
Horses like Humans may be motivated by such things as food, affection and comfort.
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Horses, Humans & Healing

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