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Military Services

Horses, Humans and Healing is dedicated to providing support and services for our military members, veterans and their families. Dr. Cowan-Christen and Michelle Sell both have fathers, Dr. TCC's husband and many other family members and friends who have served or who are currently serving in the military. 


Dr. Cowan-Christen was an active duty spouse for several years. Her husband Brian retired from the United States Air Force after 22 years and helps keep the grounds in shape and animals fed at FIGMO Farm, which is one of the places where the Horses, Humans and Healing Program is held. She was born on the Marine base in Quantico, where her father was stationed after returning from Vietnam.  Being the daughter of a Marine and wife of an Airman has taught her an appreciation for the sacrifice many military members and their families have had to make to serve their country.  Her grandparents, many uncles and cousins all have chosen different branches of the military to serve in, which makes for some very lively debates at most family functions.


Dr. Cowan-Christen also belongs to the American Psychological Association's Division 19 ,which represents Military Psychology and was the past chair of the military committee for the Kansas Psychology Association. She also belongs to several military service organizations.  In November 2016 until January 2018, Dr. Cowan Christen was part of EAGALA's  national military task force. She has also served as a clinician for some Lone Survivor retreat weekends in Texas helping to provide services to veteran and their families.


Michelle's father is a retired Drill Sgt. of the US Army, her stepfather is a retired Col. of the US AirForce, her father-in-law is a retired US Marine, and her brother served in the US Navy.  Her aligence and respect to many family members and friends who have and are currently serving is unwavering.  She believes serving in the Military is a family commitment.


Horses, Humans and Healing is an official EAGALA Military Services Provider indicating specialized training and experience in the military community to provide EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) with military service members, their families and veterans.  Horses, Humans and Healing KS - H3 is owned and operated by Dr. Teresa Cowan-Christen as a program of her Welcome Wellness, LLC private practice in Wichita, Kansas.  Michelle Sell of Andover, Kansas is the Equine Specialist for H3.  MSgt. (Retired) Brian Christen is the Barn Manager for the H3 program.  The H3 program is facilitated at FIGMO Farm in Mulvane, KS and LipStick Ranch in Andover, KS.



We have spots open. Click on the picture to find out more.  Call or email us for more information.

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