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EAGALA Certified Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist  


Teresa Cowan-Christen M.A., Psy.D.


Dr. Teresa Cowan-Christen is a licensed Psychologist who is trained as a generalist, and has extensive experience working with adults, children, groups and families. Dr. Cowan-Christen completed an APA approved internship with the Northwest Ohio Consortium Training in Toledo, Ohio in 2005 and has attained a Master’s Degree and her Doctoral Degree from the University of Hartford in Connecticut.


Dr. Cowan-Christen believes in an integrative approach to therapy using different modalities which may include Cognitive, Behavioral, Humanistic and Solution Focused approaches. She understands that rapport and “goodness of fit” between a therapist and client is very important for good therapeutic outcomes and that therapy should be tailored to the individual as we all have different strengths and needs. Dr. Cowan-Christen supports clients in finding their own solutions to their problems.  She recognizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit in both the development of illness and the solutions toward healing and health.


Dr. Cowan Christen helps those who may be experiencing concerns with Depression Anxiety, Stress Management, Behavioral Issues, ADHD, Grief and Loss, Parenting Issues, Self Esteem, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment, Trauma and Maltreatment, Women’s Issues, Divorce, Chronic Pain, Infertility, Adjustment to Civilian Life after Military Service and other various individual, marital and family issues.


Dr. Cowan-Christen has worked in a variety of settings providing psychological services in the states of CT, OH and KS including: community mental health centers, a prison, emergency mobile psychological services for children, an early intervention program, extended day treatment, a college counseling center,  women’s health clinic, as a Neuro Psychology Psychometrist, at Lone Survivor Retreats and at a residential treatment facility. Dr. Cowan-Christen is currently has a private practice called Welcome Wellness LLC in Wichita, KS where she provides psychological services for adults only and some adolescent clients at this time.


Dr. Cowan Christen is a member of the American Psychological Association, Division 19 Military Psychology of APA, the Kansas Psychological Association (KPA), Wichita Area Psychological Association (WAPA) and is EAGALA (Equine Growth and Learning Association) credentialed as mental health professional and an equine specialist.  In the past, she helped develop a military committee for the Kansas Psychological Association and was the President of the Wichita Area Psychological Association in 2015. Dr. Cowan-Christen is designated as an EAGALA Military Services provider and H3 is an EAGALA military designated program.


 Dr. Cowan-Christen also provides non-traditional equine assisted psychological services for individuals, families and team building activities for various groups utilizing horses in an outdoor/arena setting at various locations. Her Horses, Humans and Healing Program /H3 provides services for Individual, Groups and Agencies/ Corporations for 10 months of the year.


If you are interested in making an appointment for traditional services please contact Dr. TCC at 316-680-5671 for Welcome Wellness LLC or if you are interested in our H3 program or equine assisted services please email, or call 316-680-5671 or use the Contact tab in the Menu at the top of the page . Thank you.




EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist

Michelle Sell


Michelle completed her EAGALA certification (Equine Growth and Learning Association) under direction of Theresa Flaigle , LMSW, and the EAGALA training team in October 2013.  She completed the Mental Health First Aid USA certification in March 2016.  Michelle completed her EAGALA Military Certification as an Equine Specialist in 2017.  She has been a team member for Dr. Teresa Cowan-Christen in development of her program Horses, Humans & Healing by sharing her equestrian experience with a lifetime of exposure to, interaction with and ownership of horses. She supported her daughter through 10 years+ of instruction and competition while raising and teaching a rescue horse named Baby Girl who was born without sight.  Michelle has experience in administration, grant writing,  and organizational development working in the corporate and non-profit sectors.  She has owned and managed her own restaurant and rental properties businesses over the last 20+ years.  Michelle enjoys writing and hosting friends and family at LipStick Ranch, in Andover, KS of which she founded in 1993 with the marriage to her husband Larry.  At LipStick Ranch they enjoy the serenity and peace at the end of a hectic day.  Larry and Michelle have one daughter, Angelica, and share their love for his son Nicholas Austin Sell, daughter, Dr. Erika Ramsdale-Boyd, her husband Kevin Boyd, and their son Milo, and daughter Emmeline. Please email or use the Contact tab in the Menu at the top of the page for H3 services or information.

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